Degrees and Certifications:

Theresa Pinilla

Hola! Me llamo Profesora Pinilla. Soy prefesora de español en Jackson High School y también en Henderson Middle School.

A graduate of the College of New Rochelle (no longer exists :-( ), I have taught since 1992. My opportunity to teach Spanish after many years teaching other subjects came in 2015, at Veterans Memorial Middle School in Covington. The following year, I came to Butts County to teach Spanish in grades 8-12. 

I am the granddaughter of Puerto Rican Cuban families and grew up in New York steeped in the language, food, music and traditions. My free time is spent in nature, genealogy,  cooking, reading or (lately) sewing. Travel is a treat when it is feasible and possible. Most recently, I traveled to Puerto Rico in Oct 2019 on a family history research trip with my cousin. 


VIRTUAL CLASS SCHEDULE                                                    REGULAR CLASS SCHEDULE:

JHS Block 1: 8:15 AM MON-THUR                                              Block 1:       Spanish 1 JHS

JHS Block 2: 9:45 AM MON-THUR                                             Block 2:       Spanish 1 JHS

HMS 5th per:  MON/WED 11:15 AM                                           5th Period:   Spanish 1 HMS

HMS 6th Per:  TUE/THUR 11:15 AM                                           6th Period:   Spanish 1 HMS

During AUGUST VIRTUAL LEARNING, each class meeting with begin with live instruction for 20-30 minutes, followed by a practice period, and then we will reconvene in Meet for any follow-up questions. Each live instruction session will be recorded and made available later in the day. There is a server delay while the recording processes before I can share it.