Incident on Butts County School Bus

Posted by Butts County School System on 9/22/2020

In the late evening on Monday, September 21, the administration at Jackson High School was alerted to a photo that was posted on social media of an individual in possession of a handgun while on a school bus. It was alleged that the individual was a current JHS student and that the photo was taken on the bus on Monday afternoon. School district administration contacted the Butts County Sheriff's Office and began investigating the incident immediately.
Throughout the evening and overnight, the school district administrative team worked in collaboration with the Butts County Sheriff's office to identify and detain the individual responsible. The weapon has been recovered by the Butts County Sheriff's Office. No student or staff member was threatened with the firearm, and there was no incident of violence on our campus or on the school bus on Monday. We appreciate the cooperation and assistance of the Butts County Sheriff's Office as they continue to investigate this situation.

We are proud of the actions of a JHS student for sharing this information with a JHS staff member. This is an example of the training protocols we share with not only our staff members, but our students. The student's actions illustrate our message to our great kids that safety is all of our responsibility, and if you "See Something, Say Something." 

While we understand this will be concerning to our parents, we want all stakeholders to know that we do not tolerate such contraband on our campuses, and we will prosecute the student to the fullest extent of the law. The student is currently in custody, and will not return to our campus.