• BEGINS Mon 12/4/23: Route 09-32 Added for some 17-49 DES-HMS-JHS students For DES-HMS-JHS students @ Hammond | Joe Lane | Whippoorwill | Glavine&Smoltz Ct.
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  • BCSS will follow the recommendations provided by the local and state agencies to create distance between children on school buses (e.g.: seat children one child per row, skip rows) when possible. If the level of transmission remains low we will move forward with standard operating procedures while taking preventative measures such as: 

    • Providing hand sanitizer
    • Promoting the use of face coverings
    • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of buses before, after and between bus routes
    • Airing out buses when not in use 
    • Implementing social distancing to the greatest extent possible 
    • Implementing structured loading and unloading procedures 

    If the level of transmission increases, it is possible that BCSS will need to implement an alternating schedule to decrease the number of students being transported each day. Additionally, with moderate levels of transmission extra precautions will be implemented at bus stops to prevent students from different households from congregating.

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