• Items for sale/salvage/disposal are approved as such by the Butts County Board of Education. For more information regarding these items, or to submit an offer to purchase surplus property, contact Brenda Gillen or Will Nagaj at (770) 504-2300, or email  brenda.gillen@bcssk12.org or will.nagaj@bcssk12.org. Note that we will only respond if your desire to purchase the items listed is the first one we received. Items will not be held. The first individual to pay for the device will receive it. 

    *All phones were originally on the Verizon network. You will need to contact your carrier to verify they will work with your network.

Serving Lines for Bid

  • We are accepting bids for three hot-holding LTI serving lines. They are 15+ years old. Please contact  Nicole James to place bid or schedule an appointment to view. 

Serving Line


  • After the district has listed items for sale on this page for 30 days they will be sent to GovDeals.com for sale. 

    For current auction items please visit GovDeals.com

2024 Surplus Property

2023 Surplus Property

2022 Surplus Property

2021 Surplus Property

2020 Surplus Property

  • Surplus property only indicates that the item is no longer used in the district. Items for sale are listed in the chart above or on the govdeals.com website.