• Meet the Counselor


    Classroom Guidance Lessons

    Each student at JES will participate in monthly classroom guidance lessons as part of the regular school curriculum. These lessons are a proactive approach to provide students with skills that will help them be successful throughout their school years and even into adulthood.

    Small Group Lessons

    Small group lessons consist of 4-10 students similar in age that meet weekly during the school day to address a common concern/problem and learn positive coping skills while also building connections with peers. Each group will typically meet 6-8 times for about 30 minutes each time. Some of the groups that will be held are Friends - social skills group, New Directions - family changes (divorce, separation, incarceration, blended families, etc.), Girl Power - self-esteem for female students, Get Real - self-esteem for male students, Cool Kids - feelings/anger group. Other groups may be added throughout the year. Confidentiality is taught and expected of students. The school counselor makes it clear to students that anything shared during a group session does not leave the group.

    Individual Counseling

    Students can benefit from talking with their school counselor about any area of concern that affects their school performance and/or behavior. These concerns can be academic, personal, or social-emotional in nature. Students may refer themselves for individual counseling, be referred by a teacher, or even a parent can request a student be referred for individual counseling. Referral forms are available in the front office or beside the locked bamboo mailbox near the media center. Parent permission is required for continued sessions (more than 3 sessions). Referrals for outside community counseling agencies may be suggested for more in-depth cases. 

    Confidentiality is maintained with all sessions! 


    Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you or your child in any way!

    Email: megan.harcrow@bcssk12.org

    Phone: (770) 775-9480 ext. 8503