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    Classroom Guidance Lessons

    Each student at JES will participate in monthly classroom guidance lessons as part of the regular school curriculum. These lessons are a proactive approach to provide students with skills that will help them be successful throughout their school years and even into adulthood.

    Small Group Lessons

    Small group lessons consist of 4-10 students similar in age that meet weekly during the school day to address a common concern/problem and learn positive coping skills while also building connections with peers. Each group will typically meet 6-8 times for about 30 minutes each time. Some of the groups that will be held are Friends - social skills group, New Directions - family changes (divorce, separation, incarceration, blended families, etc.), Girl Power - self-esteem for female students, Get Real - self-esteem for male students, Cool Kids - feelings/anger group. Other groups may be added throughout the year. Confidentiality is taught and expected of students. The school counselor makes it clear to students that anything shared during a group session does not leave the group.

    Individual Counseling

    Students can benefit from talking with their school counselor about any area of concern that affects their school performance and/or behavior. These concerns can be academic, personal, or social-emotional in nature. Students may refer themselves for individual counseling, be referred by a teacher, or even a parent can request a student be referred for individual counseling.  Parent permission is required for continued sessions (more than 3 sessions). Referrals for outside community counseling agencies may be suggested for more in-depth cases. 

    Confidentiality is maintained with all sessions! 


    Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you or your child in any way!

    Email: megan.harcrow@bcssk12.org

    Phone: (770) 775-9480 ext. 8201