COVID Status Update

Posted by Butts County School System on 9/27/2021

BCSS Families & Stakeholders,

I wanted to provide you with an update on our current status in terms of the transmission of COVID-19 within the school district. I also wanted to thank you again for your continued support and collaboration as we work together to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our community and our schools. Maintaining safe and successful learning environments for our students and staff remains our top priority. Despite the challenging circumstances we encountered at the start of the school, we have taken measured steps forward each day and things have improved over the last few weeks. Positive case numbers have remained below one to one and half percent in each of our schools this week. Likewise, transmission rates, as well as the positivity rate within our community have decreased significantly over the last two weeks.

We are incredibly appreciative of the collective efforts of everyone pulling together to get us through this latest surge together- as one team- to keep BCSS open and thriving. We are certainly encouraged by the decrease in transmission rates within our community and schools; however, it is imperative that we continue to monitor developments closely and implement mitigation measures as needed. Likewise, we will consider opportunities to restore normal operating procedures when conditions improve. As you know, our temporary face-covering requirement is scheduled to expire today. Going forward, the use of face-coverings will continue to be required on all school buses and recommended while inside BCSS facilities. We will continue to provide face-coverings for all students and staff and encourage the continued use of them especially when it is difficult to maintain physical distancing. We will continue to monitor community and school transmission data closely and adjust our approach to this mitigation measure as needed. All other mitigation measures will remain in place for at least the next nine school days. We will again reevaluate our data during our Fall Break to determine next steps.

Once again, let’s continue to work together to ensure we can preserve the opportunity to provide in-person learning. We ask all students, staff, and families to remain committed to practicing healthy habits in order to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 and other illness. Most importantly, we ask that students remain at home if they are sick. It is our sincere belief and hope that following this guidance will help us keep our schools open for in-person learning.

Dr. Todd Simpson