• Facilitated IEP
    In partnership with the GA DOE, the Butts County School System participates in Facilitated IEP meetings.  See additional information on Documents Uploaded

    Student Led IEP's/ Self-Determination
    One definition of a student-led IEP is an IEP in which the student with a disability participated in the writing and creation of any portion of the IEP and/or held a leadership role during the actual IEP meeting. Researchers refer to student-led IEPs (also called student-directed IEPs and self-directed IEPs) as a method for increasing student involvement in the IEP process, a way to increase students' knowledge of their strengths and needs, an approach to developing a transition plan that includes the students' input, and a tool to increase the students' self-determination and self-advocacy (Eisenman, Chamberlin, & McGahee-Kovac, 2005; Martin, Van Dycke, D'Ottavio, & Nickerson, 2007; Martin, Van Dycke, Christensen, et al., 2006; Mason, McGahee-Kovac, Johnson, & Stillerman, 2002; Mason, McGahee-Kovac, et al., 2004; Myers & Eisenman, 2005; Torgerson, Miner, & Shen, 2004; Van Dycke et al., 2006). Eisenman et al. discuss the "match between elements of the IEP process and behaviors associated with self-determined individuals," stating that as students become involved and hold responsibility in the IEP process, they also "become engaged in learning about themselves and methods for attaining goals" (p. 195).