• Welcome to the Jackson High School Media Center!

     717 Harkness Street, Jackson, GA 30233 Phone: (770) 504-2340 Ext: 2080


    Mission Statement: The Jackson High School Media Program ensures that students and staff effectively use ideas and information while pursuing personal and academic excellence.  The mission is achieved by

    • Providing a comprehensive collection of instructional materials that supports the curriculum and provides for the different learning styles of the students.

    • Providing up-to-date print and non-print materials for teachers and students that will stimulate growth in knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values, and ethical standards.

    • Providing materials that represent opposing sides of controversial issues.

    • Providing a safe and pleasant learning environment for students and faculty.

    • Promoting literacy events.

    • Collaborating with teachers.

    • Including the number of books necessary to meet or exceed SACS standards.

  • Hours